Our Quality Policy:

As Güneyoğlu elektrik makine sanayi ve ticaret limited şirketi; It is our founding purpose to protect our place in the sector by consolidating it so that our workplace can operate for many years and to ensure the growth of the company.

To ensure that ;

  • By minimizing the risks, we have a powerful equipment to evaluate the opportunities,
  • We have a sustainable human resource that has the responsibility and authority to manage the workplace.
  • Customer needs are met to the extent of applicable primary and secondary regulatory requirements. Our products are TSE certified and guaranteed.
  • With the continuous improvement of the quality management system and ensuring its effectiveness, our goals are understood and adopted by all the personnel in our organization.

About us

GÜNEYOĞLU ELEKTRIK MAKINA has signed many prestigious projects with its customer-oriented approach by closely following the technology of the day in engineering, project, consulting and contracting services with its strong staff, the experience it has gained since its establishment in 1981 and before.

Our Areas of Activity

OG-AG successfully performs Project preparation, scientific responsibility and contracting works, consultancy and technical services in the installation of all kinds of industrial facilities, including Power Plants, MV Transmission and Distribution and AG Energy Distribution and Panels, cable carrier installation, wiring, instrument connections, automation and weak current systems installation works, test and commissioning processes, as well as internal/external Panels, wall-mounted/under-plastered boxes, Concrete kiosks manufacturing.